Your Child's First Dental Visit

Because the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dental exam by the age of one, we use this early opportunity to help familiarize your little one with our office and team.

We move at your child's pace to do an exam, ensuring good growth and development, and spend time with parents to answer all of your questions and help you practice good oral health care at home and a preventive dental routine in our office.

As Your Child Grows

Your little one changes quickly, and their oral health is no different! Regular dental exams and cleanings help us to monitor those changes and take action when necessary. We work with parents on nutrition, habit management, and home care in order to achieve good oral health for a lifetime.

As your child grows, we will incorporate diagnostic dental x-rays and preventive treatments such as fluoride and dental sealants.

Early orthodontic evaluations provide us with the information we need to determine whether early childhood orthodontic treatment will be necessary.

When your child joins organized sports, we can create an athletic mouthguard to protect their teeth during play.

Protective Dental Fillings

Most kids will need a dental filling at some point, and we are here to provide them with a painless experience. When we approach treatment with kids, we always approach it in terms they understand, avoiding scary language or any terminology that might cause anxiety.

We will use an effective topical anesthetic before administering any injections so that your child does not feel a thing. We will work at their pace and never press them during treatment. Oral care is a lifelong commitment, and keeping their experiences positive is an integral part of creating a solid foundation.

Developing Long-Term Relationships

As your child grows into a pre-teen and teenager, we will increase their level of care to match their changing needs. One of the most rewarding parts of what we do is developing long-term relationships with our patients. By growing with your child and giving them consistently great dental care, we can watch their small, bright smiles grow into healthy adult smiles.